We Do Not Lose Heart

by Transient

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This EP, 'We Do Not Lose Heart,' was recorded and released in the Spring of 2012. It features Aaron Colesworthy (Currents, Apart) on vocals and Dalton Perry (Aneirin) on guitar. A more melodic progression of a similar style as established by our first EP, 'Alone.'


released March 10, 2012

Album art by Aaron Rich
All lyrics written by Jacob Lawter
Music by Transient, as well as Aaron Colesworthy, Ben Patat, Jared Snead, Dalton Perry, Brett Wilbanks, and Parker Byrd.
Engineered by John Petty at JP Studios in Inman, SC.
Mixed and Mastered by John Petty.

Transient is:

Jacob Lawter - Guitar/Vocals
Caleb Allgood - Vocals
Brannon Crumpton - Drums

Big thanks to all the bands we have played with over the past year and some months, as well as everyone affiliated with The Motherland Collective.



all rights reserved


Transient Greenville, South Carolina

Jacob - Caleb - Brannon - Joel - Parker

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Track Name: We Do Not Lose Heart
Where do we go, from where do we leave?
Is there a destination or are we wandering free?
or are we really even free and what does freedom really mean?

what reason do we have to not lose steam?
we could throw in the towel then pick it up to wipe our brow
running laps around an endless track snaking through the sand and never turning back.
what reason do we have to step up
and do our part?

So it benefits us, so we do not lose heart?
And by what holy ordination do we carry the flickering flame?
Did we light it ourselves for some selfish gain?
Was it snuffed out by my agonizing pain?

Do we even care at all, as long as we remain?

I can't give you all the answers
but I can tell you what I know
No sane man would build a dam
just to watch it overflow.

we didn't come this far
to watch it fall apart
so as we press on
we do not lose heart

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul
Track Name: Empty Well
Where do I dig for inspiration
When all my wells have run dry
All the water has been wasted on
those who can’t survive.

How can I sing so many songs
about a love I have never known
Have I been sacrificing substance
for the sake of a good tone?

I think sometimes I’d rather scream it all
than to let a note of truth shine through
It seems much easier to live a lie
than to tell the truth to you

[And I can’t stop
out of the blue]

Where am I, to plant my crops, in a land that has no soil?
What if I drill down deep, for miles and miles, and still not strike oil?
Who will grab my hand,and pull me up, when I reach the other side?
And when I’m old and gray, tired and frail, who then will be my bride?

When I go to bed, and sleep at night, questions plague my mind
I close my eyes, pray to God, that His answers I might find
I can’t believe there was no God who made this earth in whole
who stitched my veins, hung my bones, and filled my empty soul

I will sing this song a thousand times for what it's worth
I will scream this line until my lungs collapse or when I leave the earth
Track Name: I Will Carry On (Even If It's Alone)
Why do I waste my time running circles around,
two infinite parallel lines?
If I could go back to where I started from
Would I have been better off without
All the heart that I put in,

Is it really better to have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all?
I haven't learned one single thing from all my mistakes
And even if I did, it wouldn't make a difference now

It's much too late to pretend im doing fine
There's no one I can blame but myself

Looking back I couldn't change anything
Not even If I wanted to
Changing the past couldn't turn your heart
From what you'd have it do

I'm not afraid to be alone or cast out
At least then I can think this through
It's somewhat freeing when you realize you have no ties To this earth
Please Lord don't let me feel tied down to this earth 2x

Sever all my ties
Wo this world and I
Swear I'll be alright
With no end in sight

I will carry on
Even if it's alone
I'm sure I'll be fine
Just a little more time

After all I've seen
After all I've heard
I have been through nothing
have not experienced anything

I'm sure I've been selfish
And I know I’ve been weak
It's so hard to be strong
God I'm only a man

I don't want to die alone,
I don't want to move on

I've heard the thing to do is swallow my pride
So here I am, on the floor, cause i can't take this any more

I don't want to die alone
But I want to go home

If this is the way it has to be
You still have me, you can have me, you have me.