by Transient

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released May 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Transient Greenville, South Carolina

Jacob - Caleb - Brannon - Joel - Parker

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Track Name: Worthless
On a subway late at night, the world’s pushed him away

Far away from anything and everything that’s right

Broken hearted and torn apart, trying to escape the pain

“Just close your eyes and go to sleep, one day it will go away”

Nothing but broken hearts and broken dreams

Pushed so far away, he doesn’t know what to believe

Am I worth this rescuing?

Am I worth it?

Am I worth it?

Am I worth it, with all these thoughts in my head?
Track Name: Broken
I must be honest, my flesh has been ripped in two.

It never fades away, always on my mind.

This can’t go on, something’s got to change.

No room to breathe, and everywhere I look, everywhere I turn, another lesson learned.

Break out the windows, let the light shine through.

There seems to be no difference between night and day.

Lord I know I am a broken man, but you, oh you found me.

You’ve forgiven me of all of my sins, yet I hold on to all the guilt,

And every movement you make, it pulls me deeper in love with You.
Track Name: Imprisoned
I'm told I'm a hard man to know. If I had a reason, I'd give you one. My wife and her lover found with two bullets in their heads, she was driven away by my unhinged mind. I was found in the path of a tornado, found guilty to a crime not my own. A caged bird I've become.

I never expected this storm to last this long.
Its a simple choice, you've got it all wrong
So it's get busy living, or get busy
dying. I'm so tired of pretending, so tired of lying.
So I'm keeping to myself, I'm tired of the staleness in the air. I guess this is the way it is. Every man has his breaking point and I, I've found mine.

Pressure and time.

The walls are coming down a handful at a time. Through the stone and sewers I will climb. Freedom I will taste. Freedom I will see. Hope will get me to the other side. And here's to believing no good thing ever dies. Freedom I now taste. Freedom I now see. You cant cage whats meant to be free.

You cant cage me, I'm meant to be free.
Track Name: Irresolute
I am here but am I truly alive?
My lungs are above the water.
Yet they are still gasping for air.
Show me my life, show me i'm alive.
This heart is tattered and beaten
Waves crash the walls from the inside
Brick by brick this thing is coming down

fill this empty corpse

show me im alive.

let me feel something real.

My lungs are above the water
Yet they are still gasping for air
My lungs are above the water
Yet they are still gasping for air
Still gasping for air, just give me some air
Let me breathe and let me feel real

My lungs are above the water again
and I am sinking again
just bring me to life
show me I'm real
let me feel you like i was meant to feel
I am gasping for air
Track Name: Hollow/Whole
It always comes back to this
blame it on the hypocrites
for falling short of the one thing
I have never claimed to be

perfect! I'll never be perfect!
Narrow is the path i walk, all I can do is stumble along

And I, I will love you
But I will not be a slave to you

I know we've all got it all wrong, we're all just too proud to admit it. The truth is we are all the same
The only difference is grace saved me, I am nothing without it.

We are sin, God is love.

I am just as blackened by sin as those who choose to wallow within
and as for those who claim the name of the father yet show no love for their brother
They will die from the lie they have lived all their life, to lie no more.
And I pray for your soul, that it isn't too late, to lose control